• It was difficult to retain hourly paid employees
  • This decreased the Venturity Financial Partner’s work culture
  • Venturity did not think foreign partnerships were for Evergreen businesses

Although there were hesitations, Venturity Financial Partners was willing to give this new partnership a try.

Partnership Results & Benefits

Ventuirty knew that, given the time difference between India and the U.S., the work would be performed overnight and we could always fix it in the morning if necessary. The benefits if it worked could be substantial, and the risk was minimal because they could always go back to doing it the way it was done before.

The result was that while there was certainly a learning curve, once they got it, they got it. With the success of that first effort, Venturity partnered with them on AP services for another account, and, before long, they were doing all of our AP—and they were doing a great job with it.

Within three years, Pierian was handling AP for all of our clients. From there, we delegated other transactional work around accounts receivable, all of which they did well.

Venturity Financial Partners would like all Evergreen business to consider a foreign partnership to increase growth.

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