Our Team? It’s More Like Your Team.

Clients enjoy working with our people. This isn’t by accident. We are very purposeful in choosing the company that we keep. Both from a team member perspective and in the clients we partner with.

There’s a simple belief that guides everything we do: the belief that the role of the accounting team is to serve and inform you, the management team. We arm you with the timely, accurate financial information you need to make great business decisions that tell your story and lead to your success.

“We had our monthly summit with a client today and it was great to see the impact it had on the client. I have also really enjoyed getting to know our clients and feeling like a valued part of their team.”

– Patricia Yan-Rohani, Venturity Team Member

“Venturity has a vibrant environment!  Employees are sincerely happy to work here and it really shows.  They are recognized for their contributions and given opportunities to grow within the company.”

Joni Howell, Venturity Team Member

“I can honestly say I love each and every teammate at Venturity and have a smile on my face every day when I walk into the office.  Every job has some stresses, but Venturity’s culture creates a positive environment for all ‘Venturinos.’”

Jason Wolcott, Venturity Team Member

“I work with such a great group of people that it is fun to come to work every day. I didn’t realize how bored I was at my old job. I wasn’t growing anymore doing the same accounting month after month.”

Melissa Turbiak, Venturity Team Member

We employ more than 50 highly trained professionals, representing the full range of expertise from corporate controller to operations systems experts to accounting support. Our team is further supported by a longstanding partnership with India-based Pierian Services, Ltd. Our industry expertise is broad as well, ranging from manufacturing and distribution, to not-for-profit, professional service, and technology.

Our Credentials

  • 7+ years of average accounting experience
  • 15+ year average tenure of senior leadership
  • Average tenure 5+ years
  • Degreed Professionals

You’ll Love Our Work

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