Confidence in Change:

Providing Reliable Support No Matter Our Clients’ Needs

More than a decade ago, Venturity began working with what was originally a family-owned business. In 2008, the company was purchased by a group of private investors. It was during this transition — when the new CEO and CFO recognized a need for more innovative financial services and month-end accounting help — that Venturity stepped in.

Since then (and through another recapitalization) Venturity has remained constant. A stable, dependable partner, providing back office financial and accounting services and bridging the gap as our client grew into a sophisticated, middle-market company with nationwide sales.

Client Relationship Highlights

  • First sought Venturity’s help managing monthly accounting and reports.
  • Able to confidently withstand financial audit with Venturity’s help.
  • Seamless transition in role of CFO with Venturity’s back office support.

Challenges Driving Change

The shift from a family-owned and operated business to one held by a private equity group brings significant changes in the level of financial information needed. Not only was our client under new ownership, the company was rapidly expanding, broadening its product line to meet the needs of their customers. –While a family-owned company can make financial decisions autonomously, investors demand financial transparency, robust reporting and detailed accounting.

By managing the responsibility of the back office so our clients were able to take care of their business, we provided the foundation of accuracy and trust necessary to take the company to the next level. To this day, we work closely with our client’s CFO and on-site accounting department to create a fully-functioning accounting department with a high level of expertise.

We take pride in our ability to easily adapt and prepare for the changing business needs of our clients, and this story is no different. When our client sailed head on into the winds of change, we adjusted our sails and remained steadily on course.

Not only have we provided consistency and transparency in monthly accounting and outside reporting; we provide that extra layer of assurance for our client that our financial experts are able to step into any situation as needed. When the company faced a financial audit, there was no need for panic. Instead, we offered our client confidence that they would be able to withstand the audit, knowing their financial “ducks” were in a row.

In 2018, more change came with a transition to a new CFO. We immediately went to work building rapport with the new officer, providing assurance that he could rely on our processes and trust in the level of support we offer his department. When a member of his accounting department needed to take a medical leave of absence, who did he call? Venturity.

Our team of experts came alongside the employee — who played an integral role in managing day-to-day accounting of the business — to learn the ins and outs of her job. Venturity mapped out a game plan and ensured the employee’s role was covered while she was out. Ultimately, we provided peace of mind not only to the CFO, but to the employee knowing she could feel free to focus on her own health and recovery while we handled things at work. As she returned, we staged her re-entry for consistency in operations and a seamless transition without the distraction of operational downtime.

Key Outcomes for Our Client

  1. Confidence and consistency through changes and transition to private equity firm, not once but twice.
  2. Ability to bridge the gap in accounting needs, with a shift in scope to accommodate growth and provide interim services as needed.
  3. Peace of mind allowing the CFO to focus on the details of his role, knowing the accounting needs of the business are taken care of.

We are proud to have a long-standing relationship with this client and to have been able to help them solidify their financial department and fill in the gaps when needed.

When you partner with Venturity, your mind is free to focus on what matters most — running and growing your business, knowing your numbers are in perfect order. Let us take on the responsibility of your back office so you can do what you do best: taking care of business.