What is GGOB?

Great Game of Business is a book that promotes transparent management and collaborative problem-solving through “open book” sharing of financial information. It inspires business owners to treat employees like owners in order to increase profitability.

Prior to Great Game of Business

  • For three years, Venturity tried to incentivize the team by sharing limited information with the team about our own financial performance.
  • We offered bonuses to each team if they hit a certain gross margin target. The end result of three years of effort: nothing.
  • Gross margin and profitability were right where we started. In fact, we were worse off than before.

Now Venturity’s Gross Margins are Soaring 

Within the first year using GGOB tactics, their Gross Margin increased 6% and still continues to increase each year. As they grow in gross margin, Venturity has 45 statewide members, a 25 member support team in India and 130 clients that generate $5 million in revenue a year.

In January 2019, Venturity plans to implement ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) to grow on the GGOB concept of business leadership.

Read more about Chris McKee’s journey with GGOB and how it has improved Venturity Financial Partners.

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